Fringe Tree, Chionanthus virginicus. Not official, but listed in the National Formulary. This drug is highly esteemed by the Eclectics, who take great care in its extraction, which is difficult and must be by prolonged maceration in alcohol. The drug has been declared to be inert, and it is probable many of the commercial fluidextracts are valueless. But it occurred to me that the only fair way to test the validity of the Eclectic claims for the drug was to use a representative Eclectic preparation. So I tried it as the sole remedy in several cases of the jaundice of gestation. Whatever the explanation, every case cleared up with gratifying promptitude.

No definite pharmacology can be stated. In large doses the drug is purgative.


This agent may be definitely said to act upon the liver as a mild cholagogue, and to be rationally indicated in jaundice of functional origin and in subacute hepatic derangements. I have successfully employed it in many cases to which it is suited. It is not a powerful agent. The dose of a representative fl. is 5 to 20 minims.