By oxidation, conversion of narcotine into an artificial alkaloid is possible; this is called cotarnine. It is used to restrain uterine hemorrhage due to endometritis, menorrhagia, and congestive troubles. It is not effective in post-partum hemorrhage. Locally the drug is a useful application in epistaxis and other forms of hemorrhage from small vessels. There are two forms on the market; the first, Styp-ticin, is cotarnine hydrochloride. Dose: 3/4 to 1 1/2 grains in pill or capsule; hypodermically 2 cc. of a 10% solution. Styptol is cotarnine phthalate. Dose: tablets of 3/4 grain each, 3 to 9 tablets a day, the latter in severe cases of dysmenorrhea; subcu-taneously, in severe hemorrhage, 3 grains in 30 minims of water. Locally as a dusting powder. (Note. - Narcotine is not narcotic, but Harrison Act applies.)