Bittersweet, Solarium dulcamara. Official in Austria, France, Mexico, and Spain. Solanine, a narcotic, exists in small quantities in dulcamara.

The drug produces a certain amount of cerebral disturbance, with dryness of the throat, and some erythema at times. It is irregularly diuretic. The drug possesses the common influences of the nightshades, though only to a slight degree. Hence it resembles belladonna therapeutically. It may be used in rhinitis and other conditions associated with "colds" due to exposure, and in acute tracheo-bron-chitis and mild pulmonary affections. It may be given in fairly full dosage in myalgia, with, of course, eliminants. It has some reputation in the treatment of psoriasis and pityriasis. Dose: fl. 10 minims to one fluidrachm.

This drug was formerly official in the U. S., but it dropped out of use. Really it has never been accurately determined just what place it should occupy in therapeutics.