Ourouparia Gambir. Official in England, Japan, the Netherlands, and the U. S. Takes the place of Catechu of the earlier editions. Average dose, 15 grains. Tannic acid combines with proteid matter in the stomach; the tannin of gambir is protected by the presence of gum and extractives, and so passes into the intestine, at least in part. {Geranium maculatum has a similar action. Give its fl. in 15-minim doses.) The Tr. Gambir Comp. is a valuable intestinal astringent given in 1-fluidrachm doses. It is also incorporated in troches containing 1 grain gambir. The fluid preparation is used in the treatment of diarrhea and the troches in sore throat.

Also see "Tannic Acid." The National Formulary geranium is nearly as effective; but the fluid preparations tend to disintegrate on standing.