Vegetable oils separately considered in the text do not appear here.

Expressed Oil of Almond is used as is olive oil and in many pharmaceutical connections. Like olive oil, it is laxative.

Oil of Anise is used in carminative preparations and as a flavoring agent. Dose, 1 to 4 minims; Anise water, 4 fluidrachms; spirit of anise, 1 fluid drachm. Anethol is the main constituent of the oil; it is used in making anisic acid, an antiseptic.

Oil of Caraway (average dose, 3 minims) is a useful carminative and flavor.

Oil of Cloves (caryophyllus), stomachic and carminative and locally anesthetic. Used as an application in toothache. Average dose, 3 minims.

Oil of Coriander (average dose, 3 minims), used as a flavor and to prevent griping in purgative formulae, more especially senna.

Olive Oil (average dose, 1 fluidounce), lubricant, emollient, demulcent, nutritive, and mildly laxative. Largely used externally, in pharmaceutical combinations and by inunction. A useful laxative for infants and more or less used by adults. Serves well as an internal lubricant.

Oil of Theobroma, Cacao Butter, used in making suppositories.

Oleates of atropine, cocaine, mercury, quinine, and veratrine are official in the U. S. P. VIII and IX.