Titles will adhere largely to official usage, unofficial drugs being given the commonly used nomenclature. Following will appear the United States Pharmacopeia title, if official in either the Eighth or Ninth Revision, and printed in capital letters; then common name, or names, in small capitals; and, finally, botanical names in italics. No set outline will be adhered to in sub-heads, this work being a more or less informal presentation from the standpoint of clinical medicine, not an academic one; hence the Metric System will not be employed.

Dosage will appear under the heading, "Administration." United States Pharmacopeia "average doses" will not always be used, those employed being appropriate for more or less continuous administration to adults. Abbreviations: The abbreviation "Tr." or "tr." will mean 10 per cent tincture - United States Pharmacopeia, Homeopathic, or unofficial. "Fl." or "fl." will mean any product of approximately United States Pharmacopeia fluidextract strength - United States Pharmacopeia or foreign fluidextracts, "Normals" or "Specific Medicines." Other abbreviations will conform to common usage.

Botanic Remedies - Alphabetically Arranged.