White Willow, Salix Alba. Not official, but is a source of salicin. The willow is tonic, antiperiodic, and an astringent bitter. Used in decoction of the bark.

Black Willow, Salix nigra. The bark of the root has been used as is white willow. This plant is commonly known as Pussy Willow, owing to its attractive aments or catkins which appear early in spring. The Eclectic physicians highly esteem a concentrated tincture of the freshly gathered aments and they call it Salix Nigra Aments, and employ it as an anaphrodisiac and sexual sedative in the treatment of sexual excitement, spermatorrhea, and plethoric conditions of the generative organs. It is also recommended in ovarian irritation and as a substitute for the bromides in sexual hyperesthesias. It is given in 30-minim doses fl. three times a day.

I can find no analysis of the willow aments and no critical literature upon the subject; but have used the Eclectic preparation in several cases. I have no data sufficient to warrant an expression of opinion regarding its utility, or lack of it, in sexual hyperesthesias. The product interested me in a different direction, that of the study of chlorophyll. Tincture of grass is another good instance of chlorophyll in solution; but the pussy willow buds seem to me to have an especially available form for study. In this book I have desired somewhere to present chlorophyll as a remedy, and this seems an appropriate place.