Contractions. - Apis. Aps..

Class, Insecta; Ord., Hymenoptera; Section, Aculeata; Subsection, Mellifera; Family, Apidae.

The Common Hive Bee. For. names: German, Biene; French, Abeille.

The part employed is the poison emitted from the sting of the female or working bee when enraged. There is much difference of opinion as to how it should be procured. Dr. Hering recommends seizing the live bee with a pair of forceps, and receiving the ejected poison on a piece of sugar. Dr. Marcy suggests catching the bees and plunging them into dilute alcohol. The following plan is perhaps the easier, and has been found practically to yield an efficient tincture. Take a clean, wide-mouthed, stoppered bottle, and, standing by the side of a bee-hive in full work, catch bees one by one as they emerge from the hive by means of a pair of forceps (the early morning is the safest time for doing this); introduce them, as caught, into the bottle, where they become much irritated by their imprisonment and try vainly to sting the operator's hand through the glass. When a sufficient number have been secured, and while they are still enraged, introduce a few drops of Chloroform, and as soon as they are stupefied shake them out of the bottle, cut off the posterior half of the abdomen with sharp scissors, and let it drop into a glass scale-pan. Having ascertained the weight required, place them in a mortar, pour over them a sufficiency of dilute alcohol to cover them, and then bruise carefully till the whole is reduced to a pulp; return the pulp into the bottle, and carefully wash the scale-pan and mortar with dilute alcohol, transferring the washings also into the bottle, using in all 10 fluid ounces to every ounce by weight. Put in the stopper and let the parts macerate for two days, shaking repeatedly, so that any of the poison which has been ejected against the glass may be washed into the spirit. Afterwards filter the tincture, but do not press the pieces of bee.

Test. - If well prepared, it will cause an erythematous patch of about the size of a shilling when the skin is pricked by a needle previously dipped in the tincture.

Preparation. - The lx attenuation should be prepared with dilute alcohol, 1 with proof spirit, 3X with spirit 20 O.P., and all above with rectified spirit.

Reference to Horn. Proving. - Amerik. Arzneipriif., i.

Proper forms for dispensing. - φp to 1, Tincture only. 3X and upwards, Tincture, Pilules, or Globules.