Nat ord., Umbelliferae.

Thick-leaved Pennywort.

A small plant, with a trailing stem, and, from the shape of its leaves, bearing some resemblance to the violet.

Habitat. - Moist grounds in India, Southern Africa, and islands of the Indian Ocean.

It was used by Dr. Boileau under the impression that it might be identical with the cuichunchulli, a remedy for Elephantiasis, from which disease he suffered, and from which he died. He was induced to try it in other cases, and from the results was inclined to think well of it. It has been used by other medical men in Lepra, Eczema, and some other skin diseases.

An abstract of a paper by Dr. Andouit, in the Allgemeine Homopathische Zeitung, appeared in the 16th volume of the British Journal of Homoeopathy.

It is a medicine that ought not to be lost sight of.

Part employed. - The whole plant.

Preparation. - Tincture.