Synonym. - Chininum Muriaticum.

Present name. - Quinia Hydrochlorate. C20H14N202 Hc1.

Prepared by mixing hot solutions of Chloride of Barium and Sulphate of Quinine, and filtering, while still hot, to separate the Sulphate of Barium, and setting aside to crystallize. This has several advantages over the Sulphate, being more soluble and more stable, and not likely to become flocculent on keeping.

Characters and Tests. - It consists of white silky needles, soluble in 50 parts of water without the aid of any acid, and its solution, when treated first with solution of Chlorine and afterwards with Ammonia, becomes of a splendid emerald green colour. It gives with Nitrate of Silver a white precipitate soluble in Ammonia, but insoluble in Nitric Acid. No precipitate is formed on the addition of a small quantity of dilute Sulphuric Acid, and only a faint one, if any, when Chloride of Barium is added.

It has not been regularly proved.

Preparations. - Solution in 20 O.P. spirit for lx, after which rectified spirit may be used. Trituration.