Nat. ord., Sarraceniaceae.

Huntsman's Cap. Pitcher Plant.

A perennial plant found in wet and boggy places in North America.

A notice of this is given in Hale's New Remedies.

Parts employed. - The whole plant.

Preparations. -Infusion of the whole plant. Tincture of the root.

scrophularia aquatica.

scrophularia nodosa.

Nat. ord., Scrophulariaceae.


Characters. - S. Nodosa. - A coarse, erect perennial, 2 to 3 feet high, glabrous or nearly so, with a disagreeable smell; the short stock emitting a number of small green knots or tubers. Stem sharply quadrangular. Leaves large, broadly ovate or heart-shaped, pointed and doubly crenate or serrate. Panicle loosely pyramidal or oblong, usually sprinkled with minute glandular hairs. Lobes of the calyx rounded with a very narrow, often scarcely perceptible, scarious border. Tube of the corolla of a pale greenish-purple, twice as long as the calyx; the upper lip more deeply coloured, much longer than the lateral lobes. S. Aquatica. -Much resembling the above in habit and flowers. The angles of the stem project into narrow wings; there are no tubers at its base, and the leaves are not so broad, and more obtuse. Panicle long and narrow. Lobes of the calyx surrounded by a much more conspicuous scarious border. Corolla of a dull purple.

These are admitted into some of the Pharmacopoeias, but no reference to any proving has been found for S. aquatica. S. nodosa is noticed in Arch., xvii.

Parts employed. - The roots. Preparations. - Tinctures.