Nat. ord., Anacardiaceae.

Common Sumach.

Rhus Glabrum, called also Smooth Sumach, Pennsylvania Sumach, and Upland Sumach, is a shrub indigenous to the United States.

Characters. - From 4 to 15 feet high. Stem usually more or less bent and divided into straggling branches covered with a smooth light grey or somewhat reddish bark. The leaves are upon smooth petioles, and consist of many pairs of opposite leaflets, with an odd one at the extremity, all of which are lanceolate, acuminate, acutely serrate, glabrous, and green on their upper surface. In the autumn the colour changes to a beautiful red.

A fragmentary proving is given in Hale's New Remedies, and some additional information in his second volume, Special Therapeutics.

Parts employed. - The bark or leaves.

Preparation. -Tincture.