Resina Courbaril. Anime: a trans-parent amber-coloured resin, exuding from the trunk of a large tree growing in Brazil and New Spain; Hymenaea Courbaril Linn. A finer sort is said to be sometimes brought from the eastern countries; but in the shops, only the American is met with, of different degrees of purity: the small tears are generally the purest; the larger mattes being often full of earth, agreeably to Pifo's account, that the liquid juice, running down from the tree, finks into the ground, and is thence afterwards dug up.

Anime has a light pleasant smell, and little or no taste. It is readily friable between the teeth, but on long chewing softens and flicks together. Laid on a red-hot iron, it immediately melts, catches flame, and burns quickly away, with a fragrant smell, leaving only a small quantity of whitish ashes. It gives out little or nothing to aqueous liquors, but dis-solves entirely in rectified spirit: the solution is of a yellow colour, smells agreeably of the anime, and has a warm pungent bitterish taste. The fragrance of this resin arises totally in distillation with water, and in part with spirit: on distilling with water a large quantity of anime, a small portion of essential oil is obtained.

The Brazilians are said to employ anime in fumigations for pains and aches proceeding from cold; and in liniments or plasters for paralytic complaints, bruises, etc. With us, it is rarely, if ever, made use of for any medicinal purpose.