Cardamine Pharm. Lond. & Edinb. Nasturtium pratense magno flore C. B. Cardamine pratensis Linn. Ladies-smock or Cuckow flower: a plant, of the class tetradynamia of Linnaeus, in taste resembling cress. It has an erect stalk; and leaves set in pairs on a middle rib, with an odd one at the end. Its flower is white or purplish, and is succeeded by a bival-vular pod. It grows plentifully in moist meadows, and flowers early in the spring.

The virtue of the flowers of ladies-smock, in hysteric and epileptic cases, was first noticed by Ray; and their use has been revived by Sir George Baker, who has published some cases of their efficacy in the Medical 'Transactions, vol. 1. The flowers are given in powder, in doses of from thirty to ninety grains. They have little sensible effect, fit easy on the stomach, and increase the appetite. Their antispasmodic powers seem, from the cases related, to be con-siderable.