Muscus Maritimus five corallina offi-cinarum C. B. Coralline: a marine production, common on rocks, shells, etc. resembling a small plane without leaves; confiding of nin merous slender jointed branches, generally of a greyish or whitish colour, sometimes greenish, yellowish, reddish, or blackish; of a brittle stony substance, friable betwixt the fingers, and crackling between the teeth. It has been commonly supposed a vegetable; but late observa-tions afford grounds to believe, that it is of an animal origin: it is apparently the habitation, and probably the production, of marine polypi.

Powdered corralline has been celebrated in doses of from half a scruple to a dram, as an anthelmintic; probably on too slight foundation. As usually met with in the shops, it has no smell, and very little if any taste. It is almost wholly dissolved by aqua fortis, is precipitated from this acid by the admixture of the vitriolic, and by calcination in a strong fire becomes a true quicklime; proofs that it consists chiefly of an absorbent calcareous earth, and that it is of the same general nature with crabs-claws, oyster-fhells, and other testaceous marine bodies.