Eupatorium arabum Pharm. Paris. Eu-fatorium cannabinum C. B. & Linn, Hemp agrimony: a plant with oblong, acuminated, deeply indented leaves, set three on one pedicle, and the pedicles in pairs: the flowers, which stand in umbel-like clusters, consist of purplish flofculi set in scaly cups, followed by oblong seeds winged with down. It is perennial, grows wild by the sides of rivers and ditches, and flowers in The leaves of eupatorium have a light agreed-able smell, and a pungent very bitter taste. They are recommended as aperients, laxatives, and corroborants; in beginning dropsies, jaundices, intermitting fevers, and other conse-quences of obstructions of the viscera, succeed-ing frequent relapses into acute, or a long continuance of chronical diseases. They are said to be the common medicine of the turf-diggers in Holland, against the scurvies, foul ulcers, and swellings of the feet, to which they are sub-jecl. Infusions of the herb may be drank as tea, or the expressed juice taken in doses of one, two, or three ounces; in large quantity, it purges or vomits.