Lepidium: a plant with undivided leaves, and small tetrapetalous white flowers on the tops of the stalks and branches, followed by little short heart-shaped sharp-pointed pods, which are divided longitudinally into two cells full of minute seeds.

1. Lepidium latifolium C. B. & Linn. Piperitis. Raphanus sylvestris Belgis & Gallis.

DlTtander, PePperwort, Poor-Mans-Pepper '.

with oblong, broad, acuminated, serrated leaves. It is perennial, and found wild in some parts of England by the sides of rivers and in other moist shady places.

2. Iberis, feu Cardamantica: Iberis latiore folio C. B. Lepidium gramineo folio five iberis Tourn. Lepidium Iberis Linn. Sciatica cresses: with long narrow leaves, the lower on long pedicles and serrated; the upper entire, without pedicles. It is annual; a native of the fouthern parts of Europe; and raised in our gardens, as the preceding, for culinary use.

These herbs, when fresh, have a quick penetrating pungent taste; which is in great part dissipated or destroyed by exsiccation, retained in the expressed juice, extracted by water and by rectified spirit, and elevated by both menstrua in distillation or evaporation. They are recommended as antiseptics, stomachics, attenuants, and aperients; and appear to be of the same general nature with the. cochleariae, nasturtium, and other acrid antiscorbutics. The second sort has been supposed particularly serviceable, externally, against the sciatica; whence its common English name.