Lycoperdon five Crepitus lupi. Fungus rotundus orbicularis C. B. Bovifla officinarum Dhl Lycoperdon Bovifta Linn. Puffball: a round or egg-shaped whitish fungus, with a very short or scarcely any pedicle, growing in dry pasture grounds; when young, covered with tubercles on the outside, and pulpy within; by age becoming smooth without, and changing internally into a very fine, light, brownish dull.

The dried fungous matter and the dull of lycoperdon have been long used among the common people, particularly in Germany, for retraining the bleeding of wounds, and immoderate hemorrhoidal fluxes, and drying up running ulcers. In some late trials, the dust has been found to produce the same effect, in stopping hemorrhages after amputation, as the celebrated agaric of the oak.