Sampsucus five marum mastichen redolens C. B. Thymbra hispanica majoranae folio Tourn. Clinopodium quibusdam, mastichina gallorum J. B. Thymus mastichina Linn. Common herb-mastich: a low shrubby plant, with small oblong leaves, pointed at both ends, set in pairs, without pedicles: at the tops of the branches stand woolly heads, containing small white labiated flowers, whose upper lip is erect and cloven, the lower divided into three seg-ments: each flower is followed by four seeds inclosed in the cup. It grows spontaneously on dry gravelly grounds in Spain, and in the like foils it bears the ordinary winters of our own climate.

This plant is employed chiefly, like the foregoing, as an errhine. If is considerably pungent, though far less so than the marum syria-cum; and of a strong agreeable smell, somewhat resembling that of mastich.