Myrtus communis italica C, B. Myr-tus communis Linn. Myrtle: an evergreen shrub; with oblong leaves, pointed at both ends; in the bosoms of which spring so-litary white pentapetalous flowers, followed by black oblong umbilicated berries full of white crooked seeds. It is a native of the southern parts of Europe, from whence the shops have been usually supplied with the berries, called myrtilli, which rarely come to perfection in our climate; nor does the shrub bear our severe winters without shelter.

The berries of the myrtle, recommended in alvine and uterine fluxes and other disorders from relaxation and debility, appear to be among the milder restringents or corroborants: they have a roughish not unpleasant taste, accompanied with a degree of sweetithness and aromatic flavour. The leaves have likewise a manifest astringency, and yield, when rubbed, a pretty strong aromatic smell, agreeable to most people.