Opopanax Pharm. Lond. Opopanax: a concrete gummy-refinous juice, obtained from the roots of an umbelliferous plant, which grows spontaneously in the warmer countries, and bears the colds of our own (Paftinaca opopanax Linn.) The juice is brought from Turkey and the East Indies, sometimes in little round drops or tears, more commonly in irregular lumps, of a reddish yellow colour on the outside with specks of white, internally of a paler colour and frequently variegated with large white pieces.

(a) Vide Alpini dialogum de balfamo.

This gummy-resin has a strong disagreeable smell, and a bitter, acrid, somewhat nauseous taste. It readily mingles with water, by triture, into a milky liquor, which on standing deposites a portion of resinous matter and becomes yellow-ish: to rectified spirit it yields a gold-coloured tincture, which tastes and smells strongly of the opopanax. Water distilled from it is impregnated with its smell, but no essential oil is obtained on committing moderate quantities to the operation.

Opopanax is an useful attenuant and deob-struent, and in considerable doses loosens the belly. It is given from a scruple to a dram, in the same intentions as ammoniacum or gal-banum; and joined in smaller doses as an auxiliary to those and the other deobstruent gums.