Piper Longum Pharm. Lond. & Edinb Macropiper Pharm. Paris. Piper longum orientale C. B. Long pepper: the fruit of an East Indian plant of the same genus with that which produces the black pepper, (Piper longum Linn.); of a cylindrical figure, about an inch and a half in length, having numerous minute grains dis-posed round it in a kind of spiral direction.

This spice is hotter and more pungent than either of the preceding kinds, and its spirituous extract is proportionably more fiery. In pharmaceutic properties, it entirely agrees with them; its active matter being only partially dis-soluble in watery menstrua, and its pungency not rising in the heat of boiling water. Decoctions of it are very mucilaginous, rather more so than those of the black or white.*

(a) The acrid matter of pepper is so strongly retained, that a quantity boiled successively in fresh parcels of water} had not loft all its taste till the forty-third boiling. Gaubii Adverfar.