Sarcocolla Pharm. Lond. A concrete gummy-refinous juice, brought from Perfia and Arabia, in small, spongy, crumbly, whitish-yellow grains, with a few of a reddish and sometimes of a deep red colour mixed with them: the tears, when entire, are about the size of peas: the whitest tears or fragments are preferred, as being the freshest. The plant which produces this juice, and the place of its production, are unknown.

Sarcocolla has a bitterish fubacrid taste, followed by a nauseous kind of sweetishness. It softens in the mouth, bubbles and catches flame from a candle, dissolves almost wholly in water, and greatest part of it in rectified spirit. Its medicinal qualities are not well known; it is said, when taken internally, to act as a slow and dangerous purgative; externally, to cleanse and promote the cicatrization of ulcers: dis-solved in breast-milk, to be an useful collyrium for defluxions on the eyes.