Satureia hortenfis five cunila sativa plinii C. B, Thymbra. Satureia hortenfis Linn,, Summer savoury; a low, shirubby, some-what hairy plant: with small oblong narrow leaves, narrowed at the bottom, set in pairs; and small clutters, in the botoms of the leaves, of pale purplish labiated flowers, whose upper lip is nipt at the extremity, the lower cut into three segments. It grows wild in some of the southern parts of Europe, and is sown annually in our culinary gardens.

The leaves of favoury are a warm aromatic; of a grateful smell, like that of thyme but milder; and a penetrating pungent taste. To rectified fpirit, they give out the whole of their active matter, together with a dark green tincture: water receives from them a reddish brown colour, and a considerable smell, but very little of their taste. In distillation with water, they yield a small quantity of a fragrant essential oil, very pungent, and of great subtility and volatility: the remaining decoction, infpiffated, leaves a weakly bitterish, subastringent, ungrateful extract. Rectified spirit elevates in distillation much less than might be expected from the remarkable volatility of the oil: the extract smells agreeably, though weakly, of the favoury, and has a very warm, pungent, aromatic taste.