Acetum fcil-lae Ph. Lond,

Acetum fcil-lit. Ph. Ed.

Oxym. fell, lit. Pl Loud.

Syr. fcillit. Ph. Ed.

Scincus feu crocodilus terreftris Raii. The Skink: a small amphibious animal, of the lizard kind, clothed with greyish scales, caught about the Nile, etc. and thence brought, dried, to us, remarkably smooth and glossy as if var-nished. The flesh of this animal, particularly of the belly, has been said to be diuretic, alex-ipharmac, aphrodisiac, and useful in leprous disorders. Whatever virtues it may have when used fresh, as food, it is not expeced to be of any importance as it comes to us, and serves only to increase the number of the articles of which mithridate is composed.