Virga Aurea angufiifolia minus serrata C. B. Herba doria & Confolida saracenica qui-busdam. Solidago Virga aurea Linn. Golden rod: a plant with long somewhat oval leaves, pointed at both ends, slightly or not at all indented; and upright spikes, along the stalks, of small yellow flowers, composed of several flof-culi set in scaly cups, followed by small seeds winged with down. It is perennial, grows wild in woods and on heaths, and flowers in August.

The leaves and flowers of golden rod are recommended as corroborants and aperients; in urinary obstructions, nephritic cases, ulcerations of the bladder, cachexies, and beginning drop-sies. Their sensible qualities promise consider-able medical activity: their taste, which they readily impart both to water and rectified spirit, and which remains entire in the infpifiated extracts, is of a subtile penetrating durable kind, not very ungrateful, weak in the herb in sub-stance, strong in the watery extract:, and stronger in the spirituous.