150 g powder contain: 2.67 g sodium citrate x H 2O, 13.40 g potassium bicarbonate, 133.93 g sodium bicarbonate.


  • for alkalization

  • for acidosis of the stomach and the duodenum, for heartburn, gastritis and ulcus ventriculi, for liver and gall troubles, repletion and flatulence

  • for rheumatic diseases

  • for chronic skin diseases and diseases of the respiratory and urogenital tract


Alkala N is a base mixture, excellently suited for correction of the acid-base balance in the organism. Ideally this relation is balanced in the human being. Dislocations of the acid-base balance towards the acid range are nowadays more frequent through outliving and environmental conditions. The first typical symptoms for hyperacidity in the stomach and intestinal area are heartburn, acideructation, flatulence etc. Subsequently hyperacidity is a typical accompanying symptom of the chronical metabolic disturbance which can result in degeneration of the cells.


Take 1 measuring spoon full of Alkala N powder dissolved in ˝ glass of liquid in the morning. This can also be taken in mouthfuls over the whole day.

Side effects:

None known.

Contra Indications:

Anacidity of the stomach.


In case of disturbed excretion (anuria, renal insufficiency) and "exsiccation" (exsiccosis through water deficiency) as well as in alkalosis Alkala N shall only be taken under medical supervision.

How supplied:

Container with 150 g powder, multiple package with caselot, 60 x 150 g.