Active ingredient:

Mycobacterium bovis (BCG) 5X


1 suppository contains: Medically active substance: 0.2 g Mycobacterium bovis (BCG) 5X trit. Other constituents: hard fat (mono-, di-, triglycerides), lactose.


A. Calmette and G. Guerin have described the production of a primary solution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis var. bovis between 1911 and 1914. After a long and very particular preparation, this solution exhibits an avirulent condition, without losing its antigenic properties. This suspension of weakened bacilli is applied for inoculation, and it gives rise to a positive cutaneous reaction. The homeopathic production is based on a cell-wall preparation of this bacterial strain which, on the one hand, does not have any infectiousity - as common vaccines do - and, on the other hand, has extraordinary immunomodulating characteristics.


Homeopathic remedy: To be used according to standard homeopathic indications. Inflammation after BCG prophylactic vaccination, hypertrophy of the tonsils, erythema nosodum, tuberculous rheumatism after Poncet-Leriche, articular rheumatism, asthenia with chronic hypotonia, for immune modulation.


Unless otherwise prescribed: 1 - 3 x weekly 1 suppository, inserted into the rectum at bedtime.

Contra Indications:

None known.

Adverse reactions:

None known. Should hypersensitivity occur, discontinue medication and treat symptomatically.

Interactions with other remedies:

None known.

Side effects:

None known.


Do not use if seal is broken or missing. This remedy should not be used past its expiration date. Protect from light and heat during storage. As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek professional advice before taking this product.

Duration of treatment:

Dependent on the advice of the physician or health care professional.

How supplied:

The following dosage forms are available: 5 ml dropper bottle 6X, 1 ml ampule 10 and 50 6X, 5 capsules 5X, 10 suppositories 5X.