Liquid dilution for oral intake

Active ingredient:

Leptospermum scoparium 1X


1 ml liquid dilution contains: Medically active substance: 1 ml Leptospermum scoparium 1X dil. Other constituents: purified water, ethanol 70 % (v/v).


The wild growing Leptospermum scoparium or "manuka" is a bush from New Zealand, known by the folk medicine of the Polynesians. Preparations from the leaves, the bark and the seed capsules were used for treatment of different diseases but especially for dysentery and diarrhoea. As other species of the myrtles, Leptospermum scoparium contains etheric oils, well known for their antibacterial activity. The anthelmintic property of the ingredient Leptospermon was also reported. Further pharmacological effective constituents are tannins as well as uncommon flavonoids.


Homeopathic remedy: To be used according to standard homeopathic indications. Secondary effects of the apoplex, ischaemic attack, inflammations such as trigeminal neuralgia, iritis, allergic conjunctivitis, diseases of the respiratory tract such as cold and sore throat, for a general soothing influence, gastro-intestinal diseases such as gastritis, pylorospasm, obstipation, colitis.


Unless otherwise prescribed: For oral intake: 1-3 x daily 5 drops.

Contra Indications:

None known.

Adverse reactions:

None known. Should hypersensitivity occur, discontinue medication and treat symptomatically.

Interactions with other remedies:

None known.

Side effects:

None known.


Do not use if seal is broken or missing. This remedy should not be used past its expiration date. Protect from light and heat during storage. As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek professional advice before taking this product.

Duration of treatment:

Dependent on the advice of the physician or health care professional.


The preparation contains 70 % (v/v) alcohol (ethanol).

How supplied:

The following dosage forms are available: 30 ml dropper bottle 1X.