For oral intake

Active ingredient:

DL-a -tocopheryl acetate, magnesium oxide


1 capsule contains: 200 mg DL-a -tocopheryl acetate (vitamin-E acetate), 250 mg magnesium oxide


  • for improvement of vitality

  • vitamin-E-deficiency in case of disturbed resorption if a parenteral administration of vitamin E is not necessary

  • hypomagnesemia: if it is the cause for disturbances of the muscular activity(neuromuscular disturbances; calf cramps)


Mapurit improves all disturbances of the nervous system (muscle cramps, paresthesia, disturbances of concentration, quick psychical and physical exhaustion, dyspnoea), of the gastro-intestinal tract (alternating obstipation and diarrhoea, colicky spasm) of the cardiovascular system (tachycardia and arrhythmia, angina pectoris, vascular constriction as well as increased sensitivity against digitalis), of the female genital system (late menarche, disturbances of the cycle, dysmenorrhoea, hypermenorrhoea) as well as of the nutritional state (disturbance signs as onychoclasis and increased cariogenicity) positively which are caused by hypomagnesemia. Vitamin E with a-tocopherol a lipophil vitamin whose main function is its anti-oxidant effect in the metabolism. Vitamin E in large quantities accumulates in the lipid layer of the cell membrane and protect this against oxidative damages. This effect, which stabilizes the mitochondria, is the therapeutic base of vitamin E in case of oxygen deficiency, angiocardiopathy, symptoms of old age, in high-performance sports and in case of mental and physical stress situations.


Unless otherwise prescribed: adolescents and adults take 1 capsule each with some liquid in the morning and evening.

Side effects:

In case of high dosage loose stool may result which, however, is harmless. In case of large-dosage and long continuos intake of the preparation tiredness may appear. This may be an indication that an increased magnesium concentration has already been reached in the blood. For safety reasons the intake should then be stopped.

Contra Indications:

In case of renal insufficiency and arrhythmia the remedy should not be taken without medical supervision. If possible it should be checked if a contraindication results from the electrolyte state.

Interactions with other remedies:

Magnesium preparations should not betaken simultaneously with tetracycline because of the mutual disturbance of resorption. The iron resorption may be disturbed through the intake of magnesium.


Vitality deficiency and other diseases which result from vitamin E or magnesium deficiency often have other causes. If the intake is unsuccessful a clinical diagnosis should be made in case of serious complaints.

How supplied:

Package with 50 capsules, multiple package with 10 x 50 capsules.