Acidum Hydrochloricum. Hydrochloric Acid. Synonym. - Muriatic Acid. A liquid compound of 31.9 per cent., by weight, of Absolute Hydrochloric Acid (Hc1=36.37) and 68.1 per cent. of water.


The fumes produced by the action of Sulphuric Acid on Sodium Chloride are dissolved in water. 2NaCl+H2So4=HCl+NaCl+ NaHso4 and NaCl+NaHso4=HCl+Na2So4


A colorless, fuming liquid, of a pungent odor, of an intensely acid taste. Sp. gr., about 1.163.


Lead and silver salts, alkalies and their carbonates.

Hydrochloric Acid is contained in Liquor Ferri Chloridi and Liquor Zinci Chloridi.