Potassii Acetas. Potassium Acetate. Kc2h3o2 = 97.89.


Add Acetic Acid in excess to Potassium Carbonate or Bicarbonate. Evaporate to dryness and fuse the residue. K2Co3 + 2Hc2h3o2 = 2Kc2h3o2 + H2O + Co2. Or, if the bicarbonate, which is preferable, is used, Khco3 + Hc2h3o2 = Kc2h3o2 + H2O + Co2.


A white powder or crystalline masses of a satiny lustre, odorless and having a warming saline taste; very deliquescent. Solubility.- In 0.36 part of water, and 1.9 parts of Alcohol.


The carbonate and metallic impurities.

Dose, 5 to 60 gr.; .30 to 4.00 gm.