Apocynum. - Synonym. - Canadian Hemp. The root of Apocynum cannabinum Linne (nat. ord. Apocynaceae).


United States, on the border of thickets and in grassy places.


Long, cylindrical, somewhat branched, 5 to 10 mm. thick, gray or brownish-gray, longitudinally wrinkled and transversely fissured; brittle; fracture short, white; the bark rather thick; the wood porous, spongy, with delicate, medullary rays; inodorous; taste bitter, disagreeable.


The chief constituents are - (1) Apocynein, a glucoside, soluble in water, acting like digitalin. (2) Apocynin, an amorphous, resinous glucoside.

Dose, 2 to 5 gr.; .12 to .30 gm.


Extractum Apocyni Fluidum. Fluid Extract Of Apocynum

By maceration and percolation with Glycerin, Alcohol and Water, and evaporation.

Dose, 2 to 20 m.; .12 to 1.20 c.c.

Action And Uses Of Apocynum

Canadian hemp has been found to be beneficial in dropsy, because of its action which is not only diuretic, but as well resembling that of strophanthus and similar drugs, when used as an infusion (1 to 16), of which the dose is one to two fluid ounces; 30. to 60. c.c, twice or three times daily. This is a more valuable drug than its limited use would indicate. It frequently produces copious diuresis after other, and better known drugs, have failed. It is also, in larger doses, a hydragogue cathartic.