Curare. (Not official.) - Synonyms. - Wourara. Ourari. Urari. Wourali. The South American arrow poison, prepared from species of Strych-nos and other plants.


A blackish-brown, dry extract, brittle or hygroscopic, with a bitter taste.


Almost completely in diluted Alcohol.


It contains an extremely active poison, Curarina or Cura-rine, C18H35N, a yellowish-brown powder intensely bitter.

Dose, 1/25 to 1/2 gr.; .0025 to .03 gm.

The British Pharmaceutical Conference proposes for hypodermatic injection of Curara: - Curare, I; add distilled water to form a thin paste. Put in a funnel plugged with absorbent wool, and gradually add more water until 12 parts are obtained. Of this the dose is I to 6 m.; .06 to .25 c.c

Lamellae or discs, each containing 1/20 gr.; .003 gm. are also prepared. They are dissolved in a few drops of water before injection subcutaneously.

Action And Therapeutics Of Curare

The physiological action of curare, by which it paralyzes the end plates of the motor nerves of voluntary muscles, is well known. It has been given successfully in tetanus, and is probably the most useful of all the drugs employed for this very fatal disease.

C. The following depress the sensory nerves.