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By exposing manganese dioxide with potassium chlorate to a strong heat Kcio3 = Kc1 + O3.


A colorless, odorless gas, slightly soluble in water and alcohol.

Compressed oxygen gas is sold in metallic cylinders.

Action and Therapeutics of Oxygen

Oxygen inhalations are used in pneumonia, bronchitis, heart disease, convulsions, and any other condition accompanied by great lividity. This they will often relieve, and they may help a patient to tide over a temporary risk of death from asphyxia, and even if they fail to avert death, they often render the end less distressing. The gas should be allowed to issue in a gentle stream, and the inhaler should not be held too near the patient. In various chronic conditions as anaemia, albuminuria, glycosuria and various forms of sub-oxidation, the persistent use of oxygen has given excellent results.