Juglans. - Synonym. - Butternut. The bark of the root of Juglans cinerea Linne (nat. ord. Juglandaceae), collected in autumn.


North America.


In flat or curved pieces, about 5 mm. thick; the outer surface dark gray and nearly smooth, or deprived of the soft cork and deep brown; the inner surface smooth and striate; transverse fracture short, delicately checkered, whitish and brown; odor, feeble; taste bitter and somewhat acrid.


1) Nucin, C10H6O8. (2) Juglandic Acid. (3) Fixed Oil, 4 per cent.

Dose, 1 to 2 dr.; 4. to 8. gm.


Extractum Juglandis. Extract Of Juglans

By maceration and percolation with Diluted Alcohol, and evaporation. Dose, 5 to 30 gr.; .30 to 2.00 gm.

Action And Uses Of Butternut

Butternut is a mild cathartic, and resembling rhubarb in the property of evacuating, without debilitating, the alimentary canal. It was much employed during the war of the Revolution.