A volatile oil obtained by expression from the rind of the fresh fruit of Citrus Bergamia, Risso et Poiteau (nat. ord. Rutaceae).


Sicily; naturalized in subtropical countries.


A greenish or greenish-yellow, thin liquid, having a peculiar; very fragrant odor, and an aromatic, bitter taste. Sp. gr., 0.880 to 0.885.


In Alcohol and in Glacial Acetic Acid.


By fractional distillation is obtained - (1) Limonine. (2) Dipentene, C10H16. (3) Linalool, C10H18O, 25 percent. (4) Linaloolacetate, C12H20O2, about 20 per cent., and to which the odor is probably due.

Action And Uses Of Oil Of Bergamot

Although possessed of the stimulant properties of volatile oils in general, it is used chiefly, if not exclusively, as a perfume