A volatile oil distilled from the leaves of Myrcia acris De Candolle (nat. ord. Myrtaceae).


West Indies.


A yellow or brownish-yellow liquid, having an aromatic, somewhat clove-like odor, and a pungent, spicy taste. Sp. gr., 0.975 to 0.990.


With an equal amount of Alcohol, glacial Acetic Acid, or Carbon Disulphide, it yields slightly turbid solutions.


Spiritus Myrciae. Spirit Of Myrcia. Bay Rum

Synonym. - Bay Rum. Oil of Myrcia, 16; Oil of Orange Peel, 1; Oil of Pimenta, 1; Alcohol, 1220; Water to 2000.

Uses of Myrcia.

Oil of myrcia is used solely as a perfume. Bay rum is used as a refrigerant lotion.