Endeavoring to keep this edition abreast of the times, I have revised the whole and added twelve pages of new matter. To Dr. E. C. Perry and other friends I am indebted for having directed my attention to some misprints.

In presenting this edition the Editor would acknowledge his indebtedness, for numerous and valuable suggestions, to the many teachers, and especially to Dr. R. H. M. Dawbarn, who have used the previous editions in their classrooms, to the reviewers who have courteously, but critically, examined the book, and to Dr. Henry H. Rusby and the late. Dr. Charles Rice for important aid, particularly in regard to the definitions. The writings of most American and foreign authorities have been freely consulted. To bring this work up to date, his own journal files, which comprise all the periodicals devoted to the subjects upon which it treats, have been carefully studied. The unofficial preparations have been reviewed after consideration of the recent literature, and his practical experience with them. Notwithstanding careful condensation this edition is forty pages larger than its predecessor. For the convenience of the student a very complete index has been prepared by Dr. Ernest V. Hubbard, who has also kindly read the proof. Brackets are used throughout the book to indicate additions by the Editor.