C12H22O11=34l.2. Synonyms. - Cane Sugar. Sucrose. The refined Sugar obtained from Saccharum officinarum Linne, and from various species or varieties of Sorghum (nat. ord. Gramineae); also from one or more varieties of Beta vulgaris Linne (nat. ord. Chenopodiaceae).


Southern Asia; cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries.


White, dry, hard, distinctly crystalline granules, odorless, and having a purely sweet taste. Permanent in the air.


In 0.5 part of water, and in 175 parts of Alcohol; but insoluble in Ether, Chloroform, or Carbon Disulphide.

Dose, indefinite.


Syrupus. Syrup

Sugar, 850; Distilled Water, by solution with heat, and straining to 1000.

Syrup thus prepared has the Sp. gr., I.317. It is used for compound syrups.

Dose, indefinite.

Action And Therapeutics Of Sugar

Sugar is used as a sweetening agent. Syrup is used as a vehicle. Syrupus Glucosi (B. P., not official.) Syrup, 2; liquid glucose of commerce, 1; is used in pharmacy, especially in the making of pills, as it forms a neutral basis.