C10H18(OH)2+H2O=189.58. The Hydrate of the Diatomic Alcohol Terpin.


Rectified Oil of Turpentine, Alcohol and Nitric Acid are allowed to stand together for three or four days in shallow porcelain dishes. The crystals which have formed are collected, drained thoroughly, dried by absorbent paper, and re-crystallized in a cold solution of Alcohol.


Colorless, lustrous, rhombic prisms, nearly odorless, and having a slightly aromatic and somewhat bitter taste. Permanent in the air.


Soluble in about 250 parts of water, and in 10 parts of Alcohol; also soluble in about 100 parts of Ether, 200 parts of Chloroform.

Dose, 2 to 30 gr.; .12 to 2.00 gm.

Action And Uses Of Terpin Hydrate

Terpin hydrate is an antiseptic, and it is believed that it will arrest the development of tubercle bacilli. It increases the secretion of the mucous membrane, and the functional activity of the kidneys. It has been given as an antiseptic in acute and chronic bronchitis, when the secretion is unusually free, in whooping-cough, and rarely in the treatment of chronic nephritis, chronic cystitis and gonorrhoea.