Elm. - Synonym. - Slippery Elm Bark. The inner bark of Ulmus fulva Michaux (nat. ord. Urticaceae).


North America, west to Louisiana and Nebraska, in woods.


In flat pieces, varying in length and width, about 3 mm. thick, tough, pale brownish white, the inner surface finely ridged; fracture fibrous and mealy; the transverse section delicately checkered; odor slight, peculiar; taste mucilaginous, insipid.


It contains - (1) Mucilage. (2) Some Tannic Acid.

Dose, 2 dr.; 8. gm., or more.


Mucilago Ulmi. Mucilage Of Elm

Elm, 6; Boiling Water, 100. By digestion and straining. Dose, freely.

Action And Uses Of Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery Elm bark is an excellent demulcent. It is especially recommended in dysentery, diarrhoea and diseases of the urinary passages. It is often employed to make poultices, especially for use upon children, because it is lighter than flaxseed.