C2H5C2H3O2=87.8. Synonym. - Ethyl Acetate. A liquid composed of about 98.5 per cent., by weight, of Ethyl Acetate and about 1.5 per cent. of Alcohol, containing a little water.


A mixture of Sodium Acetate, Sulphuric Acid and Alcohol is distilled. C2H5OH+NaC2H3O2+H2So4=C2H6C2H3O2+NaHso4+H2O.

The distillate is purified from acid and water by digestion with Potassium Carbonate.


A transparent, colorless liquid, of a fragrant and refreshing slightly acetous odor, and a peculiar, acetous, and burning taste. Sp. gr., 0.893 to 0.895. Solubility. - In 8 parts of water; freely in Alcohol or Ether.

Dose, 20 to 60 m.; 1.20 to 4.00 c.c.

Action and Therapeutics of Acetic Ether

It acts like ether, as a stimulant, antispasmodic, and carminative, but it has a pleasanter taste.