This balsam is obtained from a tree known in all parts of the country; it is taken from small blisters which form in the bark. It is of a very healing nature, and is good to remove internal soreness.

In cases where the mucous membrane is irritated it should not be given, but is very good in relaxed and torpid cases, as in cystic and renal congestions, gleet, etc. In bronchial and pulmonary congestions it is a stimulating expectorant. It is an excellent remedy for aged persons suffering from congestion of the kidneys as it then acts as a kidney tonic. In old coughs it is also excellent. Dose: It should be given only when mixed with glycerine and honey. One ounce Balsam Fir, Glycerine and Honey, each four ounces; flavor to suit, mix thoroughly, and give one teaspoonful four times a day.