1. The powdered leaves and pods. This is the most common form of using it; and from half to a tea-spoonful may be taken in warm water, sweetened; or the same quantity may be put into either of the other numbers when taken to cleanse the stomach, overpower the cold, and promote a free perspiration.

2. A tincture made from the green herb in spirit. This is used to counteract the effects of poison (to be either taken internally or applied externally) and for asthma and other complaints of the lungs. For a dose, take a teaspoonful, adding about the same quantity of No. 2 in half a teacupful of warm water, sweetened, and in all cases of nerve affection add half a teaspoonful of nerve powder. For the external effects of poison, take the above dose, and bathe the parts affected with the tincture, repeating it till cured.

3. The seeds reduced to a fine powder and mixed with Nos. 2 and 6, is for the most violent attacks of spasms and other complaints, such as lockjaw, bite of a mad-dog, fits, drowned persons, and all cases of suspended animation, where the vital spark is nearly extinct. For a dose, give a teaspoonful, and repeat it till relief is obtained; then follow with a tea of No. 3 for canker.

For children, the dose must be regulated according to their age. If very young, steep a dose of the powder in half a teacupful of warm water, or tea of raspberry leaves, and give a teaspoonful at a time of the tea, strained through a fine cloth, and sweetened, repeating the dose every ten minutes, till it operates, and give pennyroyal, or some other herb tea, for drink.