This appears to be a new article in medicine, entirely unknown to the medical faculty, as no mention is made of it by any author. The first of my knowledge that it was good for canker was when at Onion River, in 1807, attending the dysentery. Being in want of something to clear the stomach and bowels in that complaint, found that the bark, leaves or berries answered the purpose extremely well, and have made much use of it ever since. It is well known, and is found in all parts of the country; some of it grows from eight to twelve feet high, and has large spreading branches; the berries grow in large bunches, and when ripe are a deep red color, of a pleasant sour taste; and are used by the country people to dye with. The leaves and young sprouts are made use of in tanning morocco leather. For medicine, the bark should be peeled when full of sap, the leaves when full grown, and the berries when ripe; they should be carefully dried, and when used as part of No. 3 should be pounded, and may be used altogether, or either separate. A tea made of either or altogether is very good, and may be given with safety in almost all complaints, or put into the injection. It will scour the stomach and bowels, and is good for strangury, as it promotes urine and relieves difficulties in the kidneys by removing obstructions and strengthening those parts. I have been in the habit of late years of making use of this article with bayberry bark and lily root, or hemlock bark, equal parts, for No. 3, and it has. always answered a good purpose.

The leaves are the least astringent, but are valuable in dysentery and hemorrhages of lungs or uterus.

The bark is more stimulating, astringing and toning, and is valuable for leucorrhoea, inflammation of the bladder, and for rectal troubles, chronic diarrhoea and rectal hemorrhages.

The berries are a pleasant acid astringent. Fill a vessel full of berries, cover with boiling water and steep a half-hour. Then strain and sweeten to suit taste. This is a good beverage to allay irritation of the bladder and in the treatment of diabetes and for the relief of bloody urine.