Wm RadDe, 322 Broadway, New-York, respectfully informs the Homoeopathic Physicians, and the friends of the System, that he is the sole Agent for the Leipzig Central Homoeopathic Pharmacy, and that he has always on hand a good assortment of the best Homoeopathic Medicines, in complete sets or by single vials, in Tinctures, Dilutions and Triturations ; also Pocket Cases of Medicines; Physicians' and Family Medicine Chests to Lawrie's Domestic 60 Remedies)-Epp's ,53 Remedies)-Hering's (82 Remedies).-Small Pocket-cases, at $ 3, with family guide and 27 Remedies.-Cases containing 415 Vials with Tinctures and Triturations for Physicians.-Cases with 240 Vials of Tinctures and Triturations to Jahr's New Manua., or Symptomen-Codex-Pocket Cases with 60 Vials of Tinctures and Triturations.-Cases from 200 to 300 Vials with low and high dilutions of medicated pellets.-Cases from 50 to So Vials of low and high dilutions, etc. etc. Homoeopathic Chocolate. Refined Sugar of Milk, pure Globules, etc., Arnica Tincture, the best specific remedy for bruises, sprains, wounds, etc. Arnica Plaster, the best application for Corns. Urtica urens, the best specific remedy for Burns. Also, Books, Pamphlets, and Standard Works on the System, in the English, French, and German languages.