§ 217. The following remedies deserve particular attention in the treatment of jaundice: Aconite, Arsenic, Bryon., Calcar., Canthar., Carb. veg., China, Con. Cupr., Dig., Iod., Mercur., Acid nitr., Nux vom., Plumb., Puls., Ran., Rhus t.. Sec, Sulph., Acid, sulph, China is indicated by pressure at the stomach, vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting, great debility, bitter mouth, anorexia, hard distention of the abdomen, and when the symptoms can be traced to abuse of mercury.

Mercurius is indicated after abuse of China, in scrofulous individuals, when asthmatic symptoms, painful-ness of the liver, rheumatic pains in the pectoral muscles are present, both in icterus neonatorum and afeb-rilis.

Sulphur, in scrofulous, psoric individuals, after abuse of Mercury, or when the disease was occasioned by the suppression of a cutaneous eruption.

Iodium. by a dingy, yellow skin, excessive emaciation, lowness of spirits, or irritable spirits, yellow or brown, dark colour of the face, thick coating of the tongue, much thirst, turns of nausea, white diarrhoeic stools alternating with constipation, dark, yellow-green, corrosive urine, etc., after abuse of mercury. Even jaundice accompanied with organic changes in the liver, hectic fever, dyscratic conditions, etc, comes within the curative action of iodium.

Chamomilla is suitable for jaundice occasioned by a cold, by chagrin, anger, or when the body is excessively sensitive to the open air, accompanied with sleeplessness, cries and starting during sleep, dryness of mouth, heat of the face after dinner, distention of the abdomen, discharges of white mucus, particularly at night, discharge of undigested food, etc.

Digitalis is particularly suitable when the whole body and particularly the albuginea and the more delicate portions of the skin exhibit a yellow tinge, when there is loathing, frequent empty retching, sensitiveness, and pressure in the pit of the stomach and region of the liver, distention of the abdomen, sluggish stool, gray, clayey faeces, scanty, turbid, thick, saturated, yellow-brown urine, alternate shuddering and heat; it is likewise useful in icterus spasticus, with constant inclination to vomit, and chalky stools, with full, slow pulse; these symptoms constitute a particular indication for digitalis in icterus afebrilis.

Pulsatilla is principally indicated after abuse of China,'Chamomilla, and Sulphur, when an overloaded stomach is a principal cause of the disease, and the following symptoms are present: sleep disturbed by frightful and anxious dreams, violent nocturnal an-guish, sad, whining mood, yellow or slimy tongue, bit-ter, foul, or earthy taste, bitter eructations, slimy, bilious, or bitter-sour vomiting, perceptible throbbings in the pit of the stomach, difficult stool, with painful straining, white stools, scanty discharge of red, brown urine, or else retention of urine.

Carbo. veg. is suitable for chronic jaundice, attended with scorbutic symptoms, vehement, vexed mood, aversion to meat, butter, grease, constipation, or else pale, white stool, discharge of dark-red urine.

Arsenicum, as well as lodium, may still prove useful in jaundice, attended with degenerations of the liver, China, lodium, Mercury-cachexia, scorbutic or scrofulous dyscrasia, and hypochondriac mood.

Nux vomica corresponds to jaundice in persons who have made an excessive use of spirits, coffee, tobacco, opium, chamomile tea, or to jaundice occasioned by violent chagrin or anger; or by a sudden change of temperature, in individuals with irritable, hypochondriac, melancholy, hysteric dispositions, or who are exceedingly sensitive to open air, and are apt to take cold when exposed to the least draught.

Icterus occasioned by chagrin and anger, is principally cured by Aconite, Bryon., Chamom., China, Ig-nat., Nux vom., Natrum mur., Sulphur. When occasioned by a cold or a sudden change of temperature: Dulc, Nux vom., Chamom. When arising from an overloaded stomach and dietetic transgressions: Puls., Antim., Bryon., Carb. veg., Chamom., Natrum m., Nux v. When caused by abuse of spirituous drinks: Nux 6* v., Dig., Ars. When caused by abuse of Chamomile: Ignat., Nux v., Puls., China. By abuse of Mercury: China, Hepar s., Sulph., Acid, nitr., Asa foet., Iod., Ars. By abuse of China: Puls., Ars., Merc, Ipec. Jaundice occurring during pregnancy, which is probably caused by mechanical pressure on the liver, is most speedily relieved by Nux v., Ipec, and Natr. tour.

The dyspeptic symptoms which sometimes remain, such as loss of appetite, loathing of food, nausea, oppression of the stomach after eating, obstinate constipation, etc., generally yield to Bryonia.

Icterus neonatorum, if of a benign nature, generally gets well with little or no treatment. If it should have arisen from cold, from the use of damp and cold bandages, or from too long an exposure after birth, it will be sufficient to bathe the infant in tepid water, and to keep it warm; a dose of Dulc or Chamom. may likewise be of service. If the excessive use of Cham-omile-tea, during or after pregnancy, should have oc-sioned the disease, Ignat., Puls., Nux vom., China, Cof-fea, will be found the most suitable remedies, in conjunction with proper diet. The malignant form of icterus neonatorum is more difficult to cure. If it should have been caused by bad milk, the infant has to be nursed by some other person, and any kind of food which is disposed to ferment should be avoided. Nux v., Puls., Acon., and Chamom. are the remedies to be used. If the disease should have been caused by the desiccation, by means of lead-ointments, of sore places on the genitals, buttocks, in the axillae, etc., the obnoxious application should at once be removed, and Chamom., Sulph., Hep. sulph.. Alum., Opium., should be exhibited. For convulsions, spasms, sopor, violent fever, Belladonna will be found most suitable. When these latter symptoms occur, it is to be feared that acute hydrocephalus, gastromalacia, fir atrophy, will supervene.