§ 241. Inflammation of the labia and vulva.

The labia are painful, burning, red, hard, dry, swollen. This inflammation runs the same course as all other inflammations. It arises particularly in recently married females, from rupture of the hymen, and narrowness of the vulva. The vagina is likewise swollen. Walking and sitting are very troublesome, on account of the painful burning.

The disease may likewise be caused by difficult labour.

The disease is easily cured by washing the parts with a solution of the tincture of Arnica. If wound-fever should be present, it will be found more expedient to give Arnica internally; or if the fever should have an inflammatory character, Aconite.

For erysipelatous swelling, and inflammation of the labia, with burning pain, and a sensation of fulness, tightness, and pressing down, Belladonna is the best remedy, no matter what the cause may be.

Mercurius is the best remedy for a lymphatic inflammation, swelling, and hardness.

An internal swelling of the vagina, resembling prolapsus, with burning, stinging pains, which are aggravated by contact, yield to Nux vom.

Sulphur, Carbo veg., and Calc. c, deserve likewise to be mentioned.