§ 116. Soreness, Intertrigo.

This soreness arises from the friction of two adjoining parts, most frequently under the shoulders, between the thighs, on the neck, at the anus, in the groins. Sometimes a fetid, albuminous matter is secreted from the sore surfaces; at other times the parts are dry, and the disease terminates in a scurfy or scaly exfoliation of the skin. In most cases this soreness arises from a want of cleanliness, the urine, sweat, and dirt, being left on the skin. Frequently, however, the disease originates in some internal cause, particularly when other than the above-mentioned parts are affected, and the whole body resembles a mass of raw flesh.

To cure this soreness, the patient should be bathed in tepid water every day. If this should not be sufficient, Chamomilla should be administered, except when the abuse of that plant in the shape of tea has contributed to occasion the disease, in which case Ignatia or Pulsatilla is preferable. If the whole body should look like a mass of raw flesh, Merc. sol. in repeated doses is the best remedy. If the disease should not yield entirely to Merc, sol., Lycopodium or Graphites will complete the cure.

When the soreness is occasioned by a millary eruption, the Tincture of Sulphur or a trituration of Sulphur will remove the disease; Sarsaparilla, Jacea, Strphysa-gria deserve likewise to be considered. Cahsticum, Sepia, Phosphorus and Silicia should likewise be thought of.